POTHOLE COMPETITION !!          - 21/ 1/ 2008      <--Prev : Next-->


This rain, this glorious rain !! Our dams are filling, our spirits are filling, our hearts are filling !! But our glorious potholes also need filling !!

So come on Bulawayo ......, until the Council manages to raise enough funds to fill those potholes, lets have a pothole competition !!

Which is your favourite potholed road ? Mine was Robert Mugabe and 12th Avenue, until some kind soul fed the hungry lion with bricks !!

There was a glorious pothole outside Townsend School on Phillips Drive, until some Good Samaritan filled it with sand....ooh. ... that was a beauty... that one was responsible for a number of shredded tyres and shattered rims ....

An authentic mealie plant is actually growing in a very special pothole on Stour Road, and I am sure you have your preposterous pothole preambles for all of us to share ?

Potholing in some countries is a sport, maybe we should invite some celebratory world potholers to visit us for some really enchanting expeditions.

In the meanwhile HeeHoo is busy working on a periscope for me as my car (like my undercarriage) is rather low slung, and I keep having to borrow his 4 x 4 to even be able to see the potholes before I am immersed in them.

The periscope will also be useful (It emerges triumphantly from the car via the sunroof ) to see over the long grass on the roadside verges !!

The Byo-Beitbridge Road too is horrendous. We lost a rim, a tyre and a lot of money on having to purchase not one but 4 new tyres in South Africa, when we hit a beautemous pothole 10 kms on the Zim side of Beitbridge !!

Send your pothole competition entries to magskriel@mac. com