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Why is there no one left to play with in Zimbabwe?

Can't make up a bridge four or even a tennis foursome these days....!!!!

We used to have so many friends here that weekends were a social nightmare........ and now we have to go to Jaggers to entertain ourselves on Sundays.....

In 1980 nearly every member of our family lived in Bulawayo and now 23 years on they have nearly all passed on to a better world...or found themselves jobs in a better world.....a world where there is security of tenure, safety from crime, an actual legal system that works and most importantly of all...hope for a future.

Can't point finger at those who have passed on....not their faults..but those family and friends who have found greener pastures need to be reminded of their duties in a rather stern way.....

Here we sit, waitently pating (I'll decipher that for those who do not speak our family language - patiently waiting) for change .....

Smiles fixed like masks on our faces, nodding inanities at each other like " don't worry, won't be long now, just another six months and we will all be back to normal...." who are we fooling ? I ask you with tears in my eyes?

Just what have we been reduced to in our lives ? What have we been made to accept as normal ? Anywhere else in the world where peoples farms, businesses, livelihoods had been taken away there would be hell to pay.

Courts, legal action, litigation, the Hague even would be involved, but no, we just sit here calmly waiting for the inevitable, and that inevitable being.... that the White Population of Zimbabwe will have been totally eradicated... rather like the rabbits in Oz during the mixamatosis scare....

The last few remaining farms hit the newspapers every Friday, Oh...so Ivory Lodge has now been taken over, (Yawn) The Hide in Hwange has been overrun by somebody, taken, stolen rather, just plain theft, and we all just sit here and accept it all. (Yawn !!) Kanondo, Katshana, the Presidential Elephant Herd at risk (Yawn)

Another day in the life of a Zimbabwean...how boring !!

Think of all those displaced persons, the farmers who are now scattered all over the world. Think of their whole lives worked into their farms, their homes, their livelihoods, that are now no more.

They were the backbone of our country...they were the lifeblood of the land...and now... who cares ?

What were their names again...those folk from Nyamandhlovu, those people from Karoi, that family from Turk Mine...what were their names again ?

And nobody does anything, no body is lifting a hand to help in any way at all.

What on earth has happened to our lives. This is just not civilised, it is not decent, it is not acceptable, it is utter chaos, are we are prepared to put up with it because we are just to tired to fight it any more ?

Please God we need help.