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Thank goodness we live in Zimbabwe teachers at an elementary school in California have been instructed to search the lunch bowes of all students each morning for illicit peanut butter sandwiches....All food containing nuts has been banned because one child suffers from a nut allergy. !!

News from the University of Ulster - don't give boys a big breakfast !!

To ensure that your daughters do well at school, parents should make sure they eat a hearty breakfast. But for boys, the opposite is true, a study has shown they perform better in tests of concentration and memory of they are a bit hungry !! The ideal breakfast for girls was found to be beans on toast, boys did best with just toast. This is the first time a difference has been noted between the sexes with relation to their breakfast and cognitive power.....

And finally - there are advantages to being a fat head !! Scientists have discovered that people with large skulls are significantly more likely to remain mentally alert into old age than those with small heads. The larger a person's head the less likely their cognitive abilities are to decline in later years !!