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.Margaret Kriel is a professional broadcaster & journalist who has lived all her life in Zimbabwe. Married with three children and several dogs, she is a public figure at odds with the current government because of her refusal to simply punt their propaganda line. Passionate about her country and missing the many friends who have left, she now communicates with them using the internet. On Thursday 10th April 2008, Robert Mugabe had Mags thrown into jail for 4 days, and found Not Guilty today (18/9/08).

Zimbabwe - Forgotten, not Hopeless

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. You will know that if you grew up there. If you visit today it looks fine on the surface.

But there is a hidden emergency. The economic turmoil and hyper-inflation of recent years mean that there is a huge amount of hidden suffering, a massive number of forgotten people with nothing. Pensioners with no pensions left to die in retirement homes. Massive unemployment and grinding poverty in the rural and high-density areas.

It is heartbreaking.

ZANE is enabling Zimbabweans around the world to do something about this. With a proven track record of bringing donor help directly to individuals who deserve it, ZANE enables you to bring hope and respect to the forgotten people in Zimbabwe.

Please find out more at www.zane-zimbabweanationalemergency.com/not_forgotten.asp

   This Christmas and New Year, ZANE has produced a quiz which aims to provide a bit of light relief from the doom and gloom that so often forms the background to its work. It has 100 questions, many with a Zim twist, and has been compiled by one the top broadsheet quiz compiler in the UK. You can download the whole quiz for FREE from the ZANE website at www.zane.uk.com There are a couple of sample questions below to whet your appetite. (I have included one question from each of the 10 sections)

Starting with a Z
  3) What name is given to the optical toy in the form of a slitted cylinder with a series of pictures on the inner surface that appear to move when the cylinder rotates?

  7) Which fish has been the chief catch of the Zimbabwean fishing industry over the last decade and more?

World Geography
  5) Which road in Beijing runs north to the Mao Mausoleum, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City?

  6) In which Abba song is Glasgow mentioned?

  1) Where and when in the land campaign of the First World War was the first shot fired by a British soldier?

Sport and Leisure
  3) Of the bowlers who have taken 300 wickets in test cricket, which has the best average?

  3) Which three Nadine Gordimer novels were banned in South Africa during the Apartheid era?

  2) What is the forename of Dr Clarkson in Downton Abbey?

  4) With 2.6 people per square kilometre, which is the least densely populated country on the continent?

Food and Drink
  1) From which country does Guernsey Cream Cheese come from?