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.Margaret Kriel is a professional broadcaster & journalist who has lived all her life in Zimbabwe. Married with three children and several dogs, she is a public figure at odds with the current government because of her refusal to simply punt their propaganda line. Passionate about her country and missing the many friends who have left, she now communicates with them using the internet. On Thursday 10th April 2008, Robert Mugabe had Mags thrown into jail for 4 days, and found Not Guilty today (18/9/08).

Show your love for Zimbabwe!
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1. Take a selfie with a Zimbabwean flag or a sign saying "I Love Zim". Feel free to be creative with your location and pose!
2. Make a donation to ZANE at ilovezim.org
3. Post your selfie on your favourite social media platform and nominate 5 Zimbabwean friends to do the same

Visit www.ilovezim.org

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. You will know that if you grew up there. If you visit today it looks fine on the surface.
But there is a hidden emergency, a huge number of forgotten people with nothing. It is heartbreaking.

You can help - www.ilovezim.org