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.Margaret Kriel is a professional broadcaster & journalist who has lived all her life in Zimbabwe. Married with three children and several dogs, she is a public figure at odds with the current government because of her refusal to simply punt their propaganda line. Passionate about her country and missing the many friends who have left, she now communicates with them using the internet. On Thursday 10th April 2008, Robert Mugabe had Mags thrown into jail for 4 days, and found Not Guilty today (18/9/08).


Did you know that your advertising contributions form a substantial part of Edith Duly Nursing Home’s fundraising efforts?
Yes indeed they do!
Edith Duly, a welfare organisation, has served the elderly of Bulawayo for almost 60 years and this would not have been possible without considerable fundraising initiatives over the years.
Our beloved Margaret Kriel started the Morning Mirror advertising section as a personal initiative to assist our Home and we have benefitted well from all those who participate, THANK YOU!
We know that there are many ways for you to advertise your services and products, so we are especially humbled by all those who choose the MORNING MIRROR as their adverting vehicle.
In the hard times faced by all, your invaluable support is appreciated now more than ever before.
As an additional helping hand, for payments made at Edith Duly Nursing Home we will happily type out and email your adverts to the Editor – cut off being 12 noon on Mondays!
Thank you for being our Guardian Angels.