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.Margaret Kriel is a professional broadcaster & journalist who has lived all her life in Zimbabwe. Married with three children and several dogs, she is a public figure at odds with the current government because of her refusal to simply punt their propaganda line. Passionate about her country and missing the many friends who have left, she now communicates with them using the internet. On Thursday 10th April 2008, Robert Mugabe had Mags thrown into jail for 4 days, and found Not Guilty today (18/9/08).

Please support the Edith Duly Nursing Home

DID YOU KNOW? · EDITH DULY NURSING HOME has served not only the people of Bulawayo, but also Matabeleland, the Midlands & Masvingo since 1959. Originally established as a retirement home, today it caters for anyone who has a proven need of assisted living; including accident & stroke victims, early dementia & advanced Alzheimer’s
· The level of care offered ranges from General to Frail Care (with 24 hour nursing) & a Convalescent Unit for short term High Care assistance. Also available are short term relief breaks for those who require respite from home caring & a facility for day residents (Monday to Friday, 7am to 5.30pm)
· It is the only fully registered private Nursing Home outside of Harare; a Welfare Organisation & a subscribed member of AHFOZ (additional benefits from certain Medical Aids)
· Our 24 hour qualified Sisters offer a combined total of over 175 years experience in the nursing field, including specialisation in Community Care & Psychiatric Nursing to Matron level.
· The services of our fully trained & qualified Rehabilitation Technician / Occupational Therapist is supplied at no additional cost
· 4 Bulawayo doctors attend to residents & will make “home visits” to our facility
· Our hairdressing service is free & the Chiropodist calls in on a monthly basis at a nominal fee
· Personal laundry is carried out at no additional charge
· In addition to magnificent flower gardens which attract abundant birdlife, we grow up to 80% of our own vegetables & we provide for special need diets
· All birthdays are celebrated with a personal gift & special teas
· Festive holidays are celebrated – superb Christmas & Easter meals are provided & personal gifts are also given
· A weekly church service is held
· Dstv is available in the lounge, or in private rooms by arrangement
If you are looking for discerning specialist care within a tranquil, serene setting for your loved one, contact us today. We are sure to be able to offer an option to suit your needs.
Call +263 9 203022 or 205825 (8am to 1pm) or email The Administrator at edithduly@netconnect.co.zw